Alternative Fee Arrangements


Shipley Snell recognizes that some matters can and should be handled under alternative fee arrangements, and as a smaller litigation and arbitration firm, we have the flexibility to structure fee arrangements that are customized to individual matters.

We have handled matters under a variety of fee arrangements, including:

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  • Contingency fees
  • Capped fees
  • Success fees
  • Scaled fees
  • Fixed fees
  • Mixed fixed/contingency fees.

We have also developed fee arrangements that vary with the stage of the case. For example, Shipley Snell has handled the discovery portion of cases under a flat fee and then used a more traditional hourly fee for trial. In partnership with some of our clients, we have also created “dockets” of similar cases that are handled as a group under an alternative fee arrangement.

In developing alternative fee arrangements, we partner with our clients to understand what helps their business.

Whether it is the predictability of a fixed fee, risk sharing, or billing geared to the stage of the case, we are dedicated to creative fee solutions.