Exceptionally Efficient

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Our clients include Fortune 500 companies that have their choice of outside litigation and arbitration counsel. Clients choose Shipley Snell because we deliver litigation and arbitration expertise in a flexible and efficient manner. Practicing at a smaller firm allows Shipley Snell lawyers to focus on our clients’ needs rather than on firm rules and procedures. We staff matters in ways that make sense for clients.

Shipley Snell does not have a billable hours requirement for its lawyers or support staff.

Efficient Staffing of Matters

We recognize that some matters can be effectively and efficiently handled by one or two lawyers, and Shipley Snell staffs those matters appropriately. Shipley Snell also firmly believes that even large matters can be handled with a smaller number of attorneys who are dedicated to the case. We routinely handle large matters with two or three attorneys who are focused on all aspects of the case rather than a rotating corps of lawyers who come and go.

Development of Efficient Strategies

Shipley Snell believes that thoughtful, up-front case evaluation and strategy development enhances efficiency and reduces costs. At the outset of each matter, Shipley Snell evaluates and identifies what work, including document discovery and depositions, is necessary and useful. We do not automatically engage in broad-based, “turn over every stone” discovery. Rather, we identify what discovery and other work enhances our client’s position.

For example, in one case, the opposing party subpoenaed documents from nearly 50 third parties. Instead of reviewing every page, Shipley Snell’s team, in collaboration with its client, identified the entities with the highest value documents and focused on those. In the end, the client was successful and spent far less.