Large Firm Capabilities – Small Firm Service


Shipley Snell was founded to provide the same level of service and experience as much larger firms, but in a smaller, more nimble way.

Our lawyers started their careers at larger firms and have big-firm credentials:

  • They graduated at the top of their classes from some of the best law schools in the country.
  • They clerked for the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, the Texas Supreme Court, and federal district courts.
  • They spent years handling substantial litigation matters.
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Our lawyers provide the same experience, qualifications, and expertise as larger firms, but from a platform that focuses only on litigation and arbitration. We keep our resources (time, capital, energy, intelligence) focused on precisely the areas of law for which our clients seek our help.

Our lawyers handle complex matters for the most sophisticated clients. We have successfully represented companies sued by hundreds of plaintiffs as well as companies engaged in multi-million dollar business disputes. We have litigated in state courts outside of Texas as well as international venues.

These are the same types of cases clients at one time entrusted only to the largest law firms. When clients ask how a smaller firm can handle large disputes, the answer often involves smart lawyers, strategic decision-making, use of technology, and a recognition that even the biggest cases do not require a disproportionately large team. Clients have learned they can get equal or better results and a more tailored approach from firms like Shipley Snell.