Trade Secrets, Unfair Competition & Intellectual Property

Shipley Snell has represented large companies, as well as smaller businesses, in disputes involving trade secrets, unfair competition, non-compete and intellectual property issues.

Misappropriation of trade secrets and Confidential Information

Shipley Snell has both prosecuted and defended cases that involve misappropriation of complex technology by competitors or business partners. In these types of highly technical cases, our attorneys know the legal framework, including defenses that are sometimes overlooked, and are adept at learning the technology at issue quickly.

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We also represent companies and individuals who have been accused of misappropriating confidential information and documents from their competitors. Often these cases involve allegations that confidential information was used improperly to solicit employees and/or customers of a competitor. We understand and appreciate the business and legal nuances that drive these cases and apply this understanding to help our clients achieve a business-oriented solution – whether that solution is a quick resolution or a vigorous and more involved defense of the claims.

Non-compete and Non-solicitation

Shipley Snell represents plaintiffs and defendants in non-compete and non-solicitation disputes. Our practice in this area involves both claims between established competitors and disputes between newly-formed ventures and former employers.

We have also challenged and defended non-compete agreements, including in injunction proceedings. Through extensive experience with these matters, our attorneys understand how non-solicitation and non-compete agreements affect our clients’ business, and we also understand the limits and nuances of these contracts.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Shipley Snell has also been involved in patent disputes, including litigation, over both patent infringement and patent invalidity. Our attorneys are familiar with the issues that arise in such litigation, as well as the procedures specific to such claims. We work hard to understand not just the legal issues involved in intellectual property disputes, but also the technology at issue and the underlying business ramifications. As always, our goal is to achieve the best solution for the client, whether that solution is reached through litigation or otherwise.

Our attorneys have defended companies against trademark and trade name infringement claims.

Representative Cases

  • Prosecuted claims in international arbitration that Shipley Snell’s client’s customer misappropriated technical data and information for the development and use of a specialized industrial fuel.
  • Defended a client against allegations by a competitor that the client misappropriated trade secrets related to the design and manufacturing process for drilling rigs.
  • Defended multiple clients against trade secret misappropriation claims involving customer data and customer lists.
  • Defended a manufacturer against trademark and trade name claims brought by a former employer and competitor.
  • Successfully resolved misappropriation of trade secret, unfair competition, and fiduciary duty claims against a start-up consulting firm.
  • Prosecuted claims for patent infringement of a medical device and defended against claims of patent invalidity in medical device and consumer goods fields.
  • Defended and resolved several disputes (including injunction proceedings) involving non-compete agreements.