Successfully Handling the Most Complex & Multi-Party Cases


Few law firms of Shipley Snell’s size are as adept and as experienced at handling and resolving the most complex, multi-party disputes for some of the largest companies.

Untangling the Highly Complex

Shipley Snell’s attorneys are no strangers to the task of unraveling and resolving the most complex claims. We bring a high level of experience to our clients, with a more tailored and service-oriented approach.

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Shipley Snell recently represented one of the world’s largest petrochemical companies in a dispute with another international petrochemical company over claims for dissolution of a joint venture. Our representation included the analysis of numerous contracts and the review and production of voluminous business records. Not only did we assist our client in resolving the dispute in a manner that addressed its business needs, we also helped the client implement a new operating structure after the settlement.

In another matter, we successfully defended a $300 million valuation dispute regarding a chemical manufacturing facility. Our representation included untangling and analyzing complex and interrelated operating and offtake agreements.

Multiple Plaintiffs

We have defended cases brought by multiple plaintiffs.  Recently, we resolved over 1,700 Oil Pollution Act claims arising from an oil spill in the Houston Ship Channel. We also successfully resolved a case filed by more than 500 plaintiffs who claimed aquifer and property contamination caused by a processing facility in Louisiana. Another case involved approximately 600 plaintiffs who brought fraud and securities claims against a national financial services firm.

Multiple Forums

We often represent clients with related litigation in multiple forums. In one such matter, the owner of one of the world’s largest refineries retained Shipley Snell to prosecute claims related to an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract against French and Italian subcontractors. We served as primary counsel in initiating claims in the territorial courts of the Virgin Islands, defending and prosecuting claims in the state and federal courts of New York, and successfully concluding court claims in Italy related to a letter of credit. In another matter, Shipley Snell handled a construction dispute with proceedings in Canada, Illinois, and Kansas.

Opposing Firms at the Highest Level

Because of the kinds of clients who engage Shipley Snell, our opposing counsel are often among the largest law firms. Our success against such opposing counsel results from our efficient staffing, thoughtful consideration of what work most effectively advances our client’s position, and the strategic use of litigation technology.

At the same time, we endeavor to work with opposing counsel in a cooperative fashion. For example, we have worked with opposing counsel to streamline electronic discovery, reducing expense for all parties. We always adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, ethical practice, and courtesy in the practice of law.