Broad & Deep Arbitration Experience


While many firms say they are adept at arbitration, their experience is often limited to relatively simple matters in a few domestic forums. Arbitration forums are all unique, with their own rules and procedures. Shipley Snell’s team of focused lawyers not only has acclaimed advocacy skills, but also a deep understanding of the unique nature of arbitration and its various procedures.

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For example, we are experienced in international disputes governed by multiple regimes and laws that involve various legal forums. We have represented clients located around the world, including Central America, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and throughout the United States and Canada. We have achieved success in ad hoc proceedings, arbitration-related litigation, and in administered proceedings in the AAA, ICDR, ICC, FINRA (formerly NASD) and under various rules such as CPR, JAMS, and UNCITRAL. And the issues we have arbitrated for clients cover the full range of our firm’s areas of practice and industries.

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