Customized Solutions

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While there are commonalities among certain types of matters, and recognition of those commonalities can promote efficiency and help us avoid “reinventing the wheel,” in many ways every client and every matter is unique. We strive to understand those unique needs and customize our services based on those needs.

Early in each engagement, Shipley Snell works with the client to understand the client’s goals for the matter, as well as any business objectives related to the matter. For example, if a client needs to resolve a matter quickly, we evaluate and implement mechanisms to achieve that goal. Similarly, if a matter needs to be pursued through an arbitration hearing or a trial, Shipley Snell vigorously prepares the matter for success. We understand that not every matter can or should be handled the same way.

We handle cases based on client needs, not firm rules or firm economics. Our goal is to listen carefully and thoughtfully to our clients so that we understand their business and develop strategies that achieve their goals.

We listen early and often, and strive to develop relationships of trust and confidence that will enhance our ability to provide sound and thoughtful advice.